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With our expert hands on your IT, you can focus on your work, confident that we've got you covered...

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Away from all clients

We make sure that all our clients are within 1-hour distance from us (or less) so that we can be Johnny on the spot to help


IT transformation

All we need is 90 days to fully transform the IT that drives your business– we make everything run seamlessly


Customer retention

Because we keep our clients satisfied and fully aware of their IT status, they stay with us month after month

IT should be about getting things done and making work simpler...

Every business' IT budget should be a growth budget. Technology is supposed to make things easier and help you work faster, not make things more complicated or waste resources.

Dealing with cyber threats, compliance issues, and downtime steals your team's productive hours. You deserve a team that can handle all that so you can focus on the needle-moving tasks in your business.

This is why we are on a mission to provide technology solutions that produce results for all the businesses we work with. Because we never want to complicate issues to make a quick buck, we go the extra mile to be as transparent as possible to all clients. We're on your side, and we want our dealings to show it.

A short story about how we started out...

"Back in 2017, I watched small businesses struggle to keep up with the way technology was going. All they needed was a little help in the right direction, but the larger tech support companies just weren’t filling that gap. If no one else was going to do it right, then I was going to do it myself.

Since day one, the entire vision was to stay true to my clients. That’s where the other service providers all fell short. Throwing the highest-margin gadgets and gimmicks at clients was never an option for me. Like-minded and successful people just want to protect their resources and time.

Your service provider has to figure out the best solutions and make sure no one throws a wrench into your future. I can’t speak for all other Managed Service Providers, but I believe you’ll find that with KATALISM."

– Jameson Smallwood, founder and CEO.

Our values

The values which drive everything we do

Absolute transparency

We're firm believers in total openness. We never try to make money by being dishonest or shady. We always explain things in a way that you'd understand– without the fluff.

Give-back culture

We think that both planned and spontaneous acts of kindness are great ways of making life better for those around us. We do all we can to help.

Fail-proof execution

We're committed to making sure your IT environment works like a well-oiled machine, and we go the extra mile to make it happen.

Strength in diversity

We understand that each person on our team
is unique, and we appreciate and embrace that.
We feel the same way about our clients.

Our team

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You'd be stunned at how we can make your IT run seamlessly in under 90 days...

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