All the IT support you need to stay secure & efficient

We help small to mid-sized businesses in the DFW area stay compliant in an IT environment that works seamlessly and securely, 24/7!

Are cybersecurity and compliance issues keeping you up at night?

Are you stuck with an IT provider that clearly lacks what it takes to keep you secure?

No matter the size of your business, you cannot afford to be a sitting duck for cyber attacks

Are you in need of fit-to-size IT solutions that actually meet your specific needs?

One size doesn't fit all. You'd be amazed how much more efficient and complaint you'd be with boutique service

Tired of out-of-state IT providers who leave you high and dry when you need them?

While remote support is crucial, your ideal IT provider should be able to show up on-site if necessary!

We take away the complexity from IT, leaving you with just results...

There's a lot you can wing in life, without any regrets - but from experience, your company's IT is not one of them. You'd agree, that there's only so far you can go with an IT guy down the street that kinda knows what he's doing. You don't only deserve expert IT management and support, you need it to grow sustainably.

At KATALISM Technology, we provide you with all the expert IT support you need to stay efficient, secure, and compliant– without all the jargon. You can count on us to keep your IT infrastructure running like a well-oiled machine, without sacrificing security and compliance. Also, because we're based in Richardson TX, we can speed to rescue if you ever need us in the DFW area or surrounding cities.

of our clients stay with us.
away from all managed IT clients.
Here's how

How we make IT management transparent and dependable

90-day transformation

A lot can go right quickly, with the right team. For example, we helped a company get to CMMC Level 2 in just 90 days. You can be assured of speedy improvements with us.

Stable systems

If your systems are working at their best, things will get done faster. Our goal is to proactively make your IT environment work so well that you rarely ever need to call us for help!

Security assured

We take your cybersecurity seriously and have many practices in place to protect your data. We proactively monitor your entire network to make sure that intruders stay out.

Work effectively

The right IT can make work more effective. Many times, we have helped teams get more work done, within the same window! All because everything is cluster-free and intact.

Jargon-free support

IT support shouldn't be complicated. We're here to help you in plain English, without any jargon. We'll quickly get you up and running again, no matter the IT problem.

Stay focused

Stay focused and leave the IT work to us. We'll take care of it, so you can continue on with your tasks. We know what we're doing, so you can relax and trust us to handle it all.


Our clients love us! Hear from them yourself...

Jon Cina

"My company has been using Katalism for a little over 3 years now. Jameson initially being the point person for all our I.T issues has passed us on to Seth who has dealt with all the needy staff and being extremely helpful and responsive with someone who has had little to no experience dealing with I.T. issues. You Guys are awesome"

Janie Theriault

"It is a relief that we finally found a group of experts who are able to pinpoint the technical issues right away. When they tackle a problem its always with the end in mind, resulting in quicker service. Oh and their remote capabilities are second to none ! Katalism and my companies will have a long continious partnership."

Seth Bachman

"My company was in a serious bind, and the standard avenues were not able to get out to my location for days... Katalism was able to get out to our office the same day, and resolve the issue. We since have hired them as our MSP moving forward, and haven’t had any issues since! Very pleased"

Steven Wallam

"Jameson was very understanding of the problems I was having opening pdf files just by me explaining them over the phone. My problems were resolved professionally and in a timely fashion. Would recommend his services!"

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We can take your IT from messy and insecure to seamless and risk-proof – in under 90 days!

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