Data backups & disaster recovery

Katalism serves as a reliable lifeboat for your mission-critical data. We protect your crucial business information from inside and outside cyber threats, human errors, and system malfunctions.

IT Management

Rock-solid backup services

Without a managed, real-time defense of your sensitive data, your company is an active target for cyber attacks and increasingly susceptible to unforeseen human or equipment errors. Katalism keeps your data secure in this frequently changing digital environment with state-of-the-art  backup services that adapt to emerging digital threats! 

Regular testing and maintenance.
Data recovery and replication
IT Management

Comprehensive disaster recovery

With security breaches happening every single minute worldwide, you never know when the unfortunate event might snatch your data and stop your business operations indefinitely. We enable you to stay prepared for data disasters of every perceivable kind, so you can recover quickly and continue your growth without missing a beat.

Ensure business continuity
Minimize possible damages
IT Management

Katalism keeps you shielded from unforeseen consequences

Data disasters can take many shapes and forms. From an unexpected breach by malicious individuals to abrupt equipment failures, data loss can rear its ugly head at any given moment. Katalism's expert data backups and recovery help you stay prepared for those unpleasant surprises that could effectively bring your business to a screeching halt! We ensure your absolute data integrity so you can focus on growing your business.

IT Management

All-around protection for your sensitive data

Regardless of your niche, size, and business operations, Katalism will swiftly analyze your unique protection needs and deliver tailor-made protection tools for your mission-critical data!

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else