Hands-on  IT maintenance

We stop your IT infrastructure from becoming your biggest hindrance by smoothly handling all present and potential IT problems. Katalism enables your workforce to grow your company without irritating IT interruptions!

IT Management

IT maintenance that keeps you active and flexible

For a growing business, even mere minutes of downtime might prove catastrophic. Katalism ensures that both your software and hardware are always functioning at the peak of their powers! 

Hardware longevity
Timely hardware repair
Essential IT adjustments  
Hardware & software cleanup
IT Management

IT maintenance custom-fit for your needs

Katalism's IT maintenance service is equally effective remotely and on-site. We ensure that your hardware & software run smoothly and do not produce unwanted bottlenecks to your daily operations. We keep your IT infrastructure safe, fully functioning, and ready to assist your company's growth!

Servicing VoIP phone systems
Fortify data backups
Equipment efficiency
Essential patches and updates
IT Management

We ensure that your IT runs smoothly 24/7

Our sure-handed IT maintenance service ensures your constant productivity as a growing business. We take away the pains of dealing with faulty equipment, unexpected downtime, and other irritating IT problems.

Minimized equipment failure
Improved efficiency
Constant uptime
peak performance
IT Management

Forget the business-stopping IT failures

With Katalism, your IT infrastructure acquires a guardian angel that gracefully handles any arising technical issues. We keep you safe from technical faults, security concerns, and wasted working hours without skyrocketing your repair costs!

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else