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Katalism supports businesses in Richardson with robust security measures to secure their systems and protect their data from malicious actors.

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Think you're safe online? Think again

Can you guess what happens every 11 seconds? That's right: a cyber attack.  A digital danger that lurks beneath the surface, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting businesses. It could be an infiltration of malicious software or an intrusion of password credentials – whatever its form, these attacks are increasing by the second making security paramount for anyone doing business online.

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You can no longer afford to take chances with your cybersecurity

Falling victim to a cyber attack can be seriously costly. Shield yourself from cyber threats and save yourself headaches and heartache, by investing in solid cyber protection. Stake your claim on peace of mind knowing you've taken the right precautions for your complete digital security. Trusting your systems and data to luck is not an option, take charge of your cybersecurity today!

Get The Finest Technology Solutions For Your TX Business

We take complete charge of your cyber security, leaving nothing to chance

At Katalism, we leave nothing to chance while keeping your security intact, ensuring that your systems and data are in safe hands. Our excellent team of engineers is always on point when it comes to guaranteeing the utmost protection for our clients–but safeguarding you isn’t the end of the story. We are 100% devoted to providing you with 24/7 monitoring and security so nothing slips through without detection.

We are careful and meticulous and we won't be satisfied until your security isn't simply good, but perfect! Let us take the reins so you can sleep soundly knowing that your safety is our highest priority!

Strengthen your security posture

Bullet-proof your business systems and data with our cybersecurity solutions

Penetration testing

With capability beyond the simple boundaries of typical security measures, we offer cutting-edge penetration testing services. You can trust us to help you stay one step ahead by having your workstations, databases, applications and wireless systems looked over thoroughly for any breach possibilities. Our investigative and preventive protocols will assure you of a sense of security in the digital domain. Join other businesses in Richardson that now come to us for unparalleled solutions in penetration testing!

Ransomware defense

We have a fearless approach to keeping you protected when it comes to ransomware. Our defenses are laser targeted, with powerful protection so you can rest assured knowing your data and systems are safe. We provide a wide range of solutions that safeguard everything from large enterprises to smaller businesses, allowing companies to save time and money. Choosing us as your prevention partner ensures reliable protocols and cost-effective tools with ongoing analysis and support data assurance. Implement our ransomware defense system today and don’t wait until it is too late!

Vulnerability assessment

Your digital assets may be at risk. Protect yourself from security problems with our cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. We'll check the performance of your network, find weak spots in the system, and look for areas that need improvement. It's a quick and easy process: we'll help you figure out where you're vulnerable, give tips for fixing any existing issues, and provide focused solutions to prevent future challenges. Rely on our experienced professionals to make sure your cybersecurity is deployed optimally and your systems won't be at risk!

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Keep your digital business operations running no matter what with professional business continuity plans. We craft customized solutions so you can be ready to handle any kind of emergency or embarrassing moments you come across in the cyber world. Don't have a game plan yet? We'll help you out. Let us provide the necessary steps for protection against unexpected events and enable you to bring back calm through our disaster recovery solution.

Incident response

Incidents can strike at any moment, threatening the safety of your organization. That's why you need a reliable incident response team to ensure success when it matters most. We understand how essential swift and comprehensive incident response is – that's why we provide trusted services for organizations in need. Our approach not only meets industry standards but goes above and beyond: our professionals put themselves in your shoes to answer every call as quickly and efficiently as possible. Think of us as an additional layer of protection to keep your operations safe and agile!

Data backup

There is now a way for you to feel stress-free about your data! Our easy and comprehensive data backup solutions are here to give you peace of mind. With our cutting-edge technology, backing up has never been easier. We offer reliable and secure data backup solutions with unbeatable features that make saving your data simple, safe, and worry-free. Knowing all of your information is backed up securely can be invaluable!

Two-factor authentication

Are you in the market for enhanced security? Look no further than our two-factor authentification solutions! We understand how important it is to protect yourself from unauthorized access; that's why we have tailored superior features that continuously safeguard your data. Founded with the mission of keeping your information secure, we proudly provide protective measures guaranteed to give you peace of mind. There's no need to worry about anyone infringing on vulnerable resources—with our specialized authentication services, you no longer need to stress out over breaches.


Our clients love us! Hear from them yourself...

Jon Cina

"My company has been using Katalism for a little over 3 years now. Jameson initially being the point person for all our I.T issues has passed us on to Seth who has dealt with all the needy staff and being extremely helpful and responsive with someone who has had little to no experience dealing with I.T. issues. You Guys are awesome"

Janie Theriault

"It is a relief that we finally found a group of experts who are able to pinpoint the technical issues right away. When they tackle a problem its always with the end in mind, resulting in quicker service. Oh and their remote capabilities are second to none ! Katalism and my companies will have a long continious partnership."

Seth Bachman

"My company was in a serious bind, and the standard avenues were not able to get out to my location for days... Katalism was able to get out to our office the same day, and resolve the issue. We since have hired them as our MSP moving forward, and haven’t had any issues since! Very pleased"

Steven Wallam

"Jameson was very understanding of the problems I was having opening pdf files just by me explaining them over the phone. My problems were resolved professionally and in a timely fashion. Would recommend his services!"

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We are your one-stop shop in matters of cybersecurity

Are you looking for a helpful security ally? Look no further! We're here and ready to become your one-stop-shop in everything that concerns cybersecurity. Our advanced software and top-notch security solutions are designed to provide you with the ultimate protection you need. We tailor our security solutions to best fit the needs of your business. All of our experts have extensive background knowledge in all aspects of cybersecurity, ensuring optimal defense against potential cyber-attacks.

Get solutions to your most pressing cybersecurity concerns

s your organization facing ever-changing cybersecurity concerns? Our complete set of IT security solutions is all you need to get you back on track. We help you keep up with the modern threat landscape and take steps to safeguard your business from potential harm. Don’t let cyber threats take sleep out of your eyes, combat your worrisome cybersecurity problems today with our fast and hassle-free solutions.

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